Custom Software Product Development

Custom Software Product DevelopmentFor device manufacturers and suppliers, we understand it’s important to get your product to market before your competition does. Applied Sciences Group development process addresses software’s role in ensuring product safety and efficacy during the software product development life cycle.  The ramifications of finding the right resource to develop your software will have a direct impact on achieving your product development milestones and budget.

Software embedded into your product requires all the good practices discussed on our Custom Software page but there are extra challenges:

Your product’s cost and usefulness will be driven by decisions made about the size and complexity of the electronics including the method of the user interface, the processing power, the required inputs/outputs, the communications path and related protocols, and the operating system.

ASG typically partners with a hardware design firm to help guide these decisions, but it is important to keep your software development partner in the loop on the hardware design decisions to be sure you are designing with an eye toward the future development and to avoid hitting a roadblock halfway through development.

The list of tools we work with while developing embedded software evolves quickly but we have experience with the following:

ASG was created in 1993 and continues to evolve and grow with each new client. Our staff of over 30 software engineers that have a combined industry experience of more than 500 years, we want be an extension of your development team. We ramp up quickly and can provide continuity as we complete projects and go away during lulls between phases or stages.

ASG’s software product development legacy includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Automation
  • Cardiac Monitoring
  • Dashboard Support
  • Data Collection & Reporting
  • Data Display
  • Data Extraction & Reduction
  • Data Pattern Trending
  • Document Support
  • Drug Dispensing
  • Electronic Signature-21 CFR 11
  • Eye Exam Equipment
  • GI Tract Monitoring
  • Glucose Monitoring
  • Intrusion Detection
  • GMP
  • Image Processing
  • Orthodontia Materials
  • Production Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Recipe Management
  • RFID
  • Software Development
  • System Integration
  • Testing & Debug
  • User Interfaces
  • Validation & Verification
  • Video Inspection

All software developed for these projects became property of our clients. For additional examples of our software projects, visit our case studies page.

Contact us for a copy of our educational webcast focused on understanding the process of successful software development.   For more information on how our software meets regulatory compliance see our Custom Software FAQ page.

Stages of Development

Whether you are building a startup or a new product for an established company, there are many aspects of business that must be worked out in order to succeed, but you will most likely see the following pieces discussed in any new product development.

  1. Technology (Concept, IP Protection and potentially a prototype)
  2. The Team (Inventor, Business Development Champion, and a plan for hiring or ramping up and when)
  3. Market Data, Consumer Input
  4. Funding Sources
  5. Valuation

ASG will be paid for our engineering efforts, but there is often a discovery process to get a concept or product idea up and running.  Venture capitalists, if needed, often look for particular qualifications and information from entrepreneurs before investing.  To help further illustrate this development process, ASG is sharing a chart that shows “Company Startup Stages.”

Company Startup Stages

Click to download a PDF of ASG’s Company Startup Stages – ASG

Depending on the market or industry, the investment required to eventually generate positive revenue and create value will vary widely. Too often we meet entrepreneurs that think “if they build it the consumers will come.”  A new product will evolve, there will be several technological road bumps along the way and outside help will more than likely be needed.

Working with product commercialization as it relates to a hardware and software development process, we often pay particular attention to technology milestones. However, having a well-defined strategy for meeting business milestones is just as important.

As you build a strategy for your new product, be sure to identify a plan for each stage your company will likely go through and be realistic about the amount of time the effort will take. Treat your vendors like ASG as partners, because you will likely need them throughout the life of your company or product.

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