Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application DevelopmentMobile applications for both personal and / or business needs have become omnipresent because most people carry around a device with terrific processing power, a pretty screen and array of inputs and outputs and access to the massive infrastructure of the web. There is a much smaller need for function specific electronic devices, such as a GPS, a calculator, a barcode reader, etc.

Mobile Application Development is rapidly evolving due to the lifecycle of the devices we are carrying and the constant software updates that they get. While mobile applications have become more flexible with handling the long array of screen sizes, models, and configurations they are still somewhat platform dependent when it comes to the distribution of a new App and its maintenance.

Mobile Application Development

ASG tends to develop using cross platform tools, but the Apps we deploy are usually deployed specifically on either Android or iOS.

On the business side, Mobile Apps’ front-ends, which are typically graphical user interfaces, rely on back-ends that support access to enterprise systems. The back-end facilitates data routing, security, authentication, authorization, working off-line, and coordinating with other software services.

Web mobile app development

ASG has extensive mobile app development experience in Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile operating systems. Most development projects included Customized User Interfaces, Backend Database Interface, Custom Deployment and updated strategies for long term application sustainability.

The list of tools we work with while developing mobile apps evolves quickly but we have experience with the following:

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