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ASG can develop software for almost any application. Our experience ranges from aerospace and medical devices to a simple database and everything in between.

Most software engineering applications include:

    • User interface
    • A Controller with inputs/outputs
    • Communications
    • An Operating system
    • The IDE or Development Environment

In order to develop great software there needs to be a great user interface. The ASG development team must understand the functions a user will need most and present them intuitively. To further this goal our development team interviews the end users, when available, and constructs systems and software level design and requirements specifications. This process will ensure that the end product will meet the user’s needs. Our team will then leverage these specifications to direct the project.

Custom Software

When commercially available off-the-shelf, (COTS) Software is not adequate or otherwise prohibitive, we can develop a license-free custom application solution that can be rolled out to hundreds of users.

ASG likes to categorize Custom Software into the following functional groups even though software solutions often overlap several of these categories:

The list of tools we work with while developing custom software evolves quickly but we have experience with the following:

ASG’s experienced engineers are capable of enhancing any software development project. Many of our client’s projects have started the development process, but are in need of extra resources. Our engineers are capable of fostering software development at any stage; whether it is requirements specification, testing and validation, or maintenance.  Read our blog post “9 Lessons from Effectively Managed Software Projects” to learn more about ASG and how we manage each software development project.

Three of the most important lessons are shared again here:

#1: Software Development is not Manufacturing

Unlike a planned manufacturing process where the team knows “what to do and how to implement it”, Software Development is often a discovery process.  Developers must uncover project requirements in order to develop a solution that meets functional expectations.  When users get their hands on the first version of any software release it should be expected that their feedback will create opportunities for improvements to be implemented.

#2: Schedule and Cost are not Interchangeable

The Rolling Stones said it best when they sang “You can’t always get what you want!”  This is also true in software development.  Business leaders want things done: Good, Fast, Cheap.  Most often they have to pick two of these competing priorities.

#3: There is a lot more to Software Development than Coding

Software development is completed through a process.  The planning process can includes:

  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis,
  • Design,
  • Development,
  • Integration and Testing
  • Maintenance and Continuous Improvement which cycles back to defining new Requirements for Enhancements
  • Solid Project Management, Configuration Management, and Documentation, are completed throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle.

Software Development Life Cycle - ASG

Examples of Custom Application Development Projects ASG has completed in the past include:

  • Inventory Control Applications
  • Fleet / Driver Management
  • Medical Device Interface
  • Training Device Interface
  • Survey / Audit Management
  • Metering Applications
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Plant Floor Visibility
  • Remote Machine Monitoring
  • Sales Quoting Tools

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“Len is fitting in really well. We are pleased with him.”
Nova Healthcare Administrators, Inc.
“ASG engineers quickly got up to speed on our technology, the status of our development, and our remaining project objectives to adeptly fill a key software engineering gap in our development plan.  We will be looking to ASG for assistance in future projects.”
“…Without a question, the most significant partner that we have had throughout our development journey has been Applied Sciences Group.  On time, at budget, intuitive and easy to use.  I can’t speak highly enough about their professionalism and ability to deliver.  It is a pleasure to work with ASG and comforting to have you as a partner.”
Gorbel Medical
“Ultimately it is our goal to have the best product in the most efficient amount of time and ASG has done a great job with that.  We are especially grateful for the hard work and consistent communication that Judy has put in for us.  Her work speaks volumes.”
Solar Liberty
Applied Sciences Group, Inc.