Reviewing Software Code for FDA Device

Project Description: Our Client engaged a third party to duplicate a Digital Gauge attached to an oxygen tank used for patient care. The new Gauge was to be lighter weight (plastic) and was designed to use a LED instead of a power-consuming backlight.  Otherwise it was expected to be functionally a duplicate.  ASG had been exposed to the previous code and was well equipped to walk through the new code on the new device. ASG…

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Waterfall VS Agile Software Development Methodologies

As a continuation from our Software Development Approaches blog post, we would like to further discuss the benefits and differences between Waterfall and Agile (AKA Rapid Prototyping) Software Development strategies.  Understanding the differences between each development strategy will allow you to better plan and communicate the development of your project. Waterfall Model for Software Development A frequent form of software development is using the Waterfall model.  When using this development approach, typically a complete product design with defined…

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9 Lessons Learned from Effectively Managed Software Projects

Managing software projects and maintaining budget expectations requires effort and planning.  As originally discussed by QSM, a quantitative software management firm, there are “9 Keys to Effectively Managing Software Projects.”  We agree with the findings from QSM and wanted to share the following lessons learned that can guide business leaders when managing software projects. #1: Software Development is not Manufacturing Unlike a planned manufacturing process where the team knows “what to do and how to…

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Smartphone app that Promotes Better Breathing: Pre-Launch Registration

If you snore consider signing up for a pre-launch of BreatheSimple, a smartphone app that promotes better breathing. Applied Sciences Group has been involved with some of the sophisticated algorithms and programming that went into the development of this app.  This application provides sophisticated metrics of your breathing habits, after regular use, to help guide you towards improved sleeping habits!  We are proud of the advancement of this software and invite you to join the Pre-Launch…

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Clearing Through the Hype of Software Development Trends

When talking technology, is it important to clear through the hype of new software development trends and stick to the essentials. Hype is hype, and trends are just trends when it comes to the way that we think, look, and perform.  Much of this is true when it comes to technology.  As ever changing and emerging techniques, skills, and methods are developed, many are on the curve to use and perform the latest and “greatest”.…

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Software Development Approaches

At ASG we get to work with many clients on a wide range of projects.  This leads to different types of project structures and workflow expectations. Typically, all software related development falls into two main development approaches:  the waterfall model and the agile model.   Some clients approach us with clearly defined expectations for every aspect of their program.  They identify the unique functionality that is the essence their program and detail everything down to the password strength…

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Have You Upgraded Your Software to 64-Bit?

Even though it’s a fait accompli (an irreversible trend) today, the transition from 32-bit to 64-bit computing was long overdue.  PC-based 64-bit operating system software has been available for both Windows and Linux since 2001. Most commercial and industrial software packages matured long after this, but with the advent of Windows Server 2008 – which was a 64-bit only operating system – the rollout of software packages compatible with 64-bit operating systems began en masse.  Today it is…

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Excitement for MEDTECH2015 Conference is Growing

MEDTECH2015 is less than one month away and we can’t wait!  Join Applied Sciences Group on October 14th – 15th at MedTech Association’s annual conference #MEDTECH2015: “Convergence – Building Momentum for Growth!”This year’s conference will be located at the new Buffalo Marriott HARBORCENTER located in Buffalo, NY. This is a relatively unique forum – focused on health care and the life sciences – that also highlights organizations within the state including many from Western New York.  This year’s…

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ASG Test of Gorbel Medical SafeGait360 Trainer

Applied Sciences Group, is visiting Gorbel Medical to test their product, SafeGait360.  Gorbel has over 35 years of experience with cranes and lifting.  Applied Sciences Group was the software development partner that automated the software for SafeGait360.  Watch as Paul tries SafeGait360.  First the first time in months, Paul is able to put weight on his severely injured/healing foot! Click to watch this video on YouTube:

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ASG Named Significant Partner to Gorbel Medical SafeGait 360°

At Gorbel Medical’s Grand Opening event in July 2015, Applied Sciences Group received special recognition for our partnership with Gorbel Medical.  Betty, General Manager of Gorbel Medical, named ASG to be one of the most significant partners that Gorbel Medical had throughout their development journey, creating SafeGait 360°.     Following the event, Betty wrote a very nice letter to Applied Sciences Group expressing her gratitude toward ASG and the team who worked directly on…

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Custom Mobile Apps Will Ease Your Business Process

Businesses need to keep up with technology if they are to remain competitive in their market. Within our lifetimes technology has evolved so rapidly – and continues to do so – that “keeping up” has transitioned from a casual stroll to a stressful, breakneck experience.  We suffer from a technology churn that barely provides product comfort before it’s time to move on to something else.  In less than 20 years we watched the low-powered (and expensive!)…

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ASG Can Help With Software & Automation Programming of Machines & Products

Applied Sciences Group specializes in software development including the development of automation systems for various types of machines. ASG’s experienced engineers are capable of enhancing an existing product development. Many of our client’s projects have started the development process, but are in need of extra resources. Our engineers are capable of fostering software development at any stage; whether it be requirements specification, testing and validation, or maintenance. If you want more out of a machine in your…

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Gorbel Medical Creates SafeGait 360° for Medical Industry

One of Applied Sciences Group’s clients, Gorbel Inc., has recently received a lot of press around the excitement of a newly developed balance and mobility trainer that is designed to improve patient care. ASG is excited for Gorbel as they have expanded industries served and have developed a technology that will help many people improve their quality of life while using this product. Gorbel Medical, a division of Gorbel Inc., created a system called SafeGait 360° designed to…

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History of the Cone in Software Engineering

Barry Boehm was one of the early pioneers in the software cost estimating field with the publication of Software Engineering Economics(1981).  In that book he refers to the uncertainty of software cost estimation concept as following a “Funnel Curve”.  Years later Steve McConnell, a renowned author in the field of Software Engineering, referred to Boehm’s funnel curve concept as the “Cone of Uncertainty” in his book Software Project Survival Guide (1998). The Cone of Uncertainty is most commonly seen in when forecasting the path…

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Scaling up an R&D Process

One of our engineers recently had the opportunity to team with a client to provide programming for an experimental scaled Research and Development process.  This process confirmed and demonstrated the workings of a new method for the client.  The process had dozens of instruments measuring process parameters, several control valves, and utilized single and cascaded PID control.  The client needed a software solution fast, so a second Applied Sciences Group (ASG) engineer was assigned to…

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Cone of Uncertainty Used For Software Development

At the core of providing any software services to a client is the need to deliver a reasonable estimate for the level-of-effort required to perform a task. The level-of-effort is typically measured in work hours, which is usually the biggest cost driver in a software development project. The ability to accurately estimate the level-of-effort depends on where in time you are in the software development life cycle. The software development life cycle can be thought…

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