Roadmap to Innovation

ASG would like to be part of your roadmap to the future with Automation. Let us identify your antiquated and obsolete equipment and a path to migrate to the next level. In addition to working with us, our clients that are small and medium-sized manufacturers (defined as under 500 employees) are eligible to take a state funded (free to you) workshop provided by Buffalo Manufacturing Works.  See the website to sign up for their…

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High Performance HMI is not a brand new concept

The High Performance HMI is not a brand new concept or a piece of hardware, it is an ISA standard for automation that has been around more than 5 years. The concept highlighted below is a methodology for developing graphics for the Human Machine Interface (HMI) that facilitates Operator Effectiveness. Diagram 1: High Performance HMI example provided by AutomaTech and GE Digital  Key Aspects: Provides Information instead of Data Simple, Intuitive, with purposefully limited use…

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Automotive is investing in WNY

We have to think that the Automotive industry is doing particularly well thanks to the current low in Oil/Gas prices. In Western New York we are seeing all the local factories upgrading their control systems and investing in their plants.  Some of the systems we are replacing have been in place for more than 15 years. If you have an Allen Bradley PLC 5 and a SCADA or HMI system running on Windows XP then…

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Applied Sciences Group just got even more affordable thanks to NYSTAAC

If you are a NYS manufacturer, or your division has a plant in NYS, you are eligible for a Federal grant program, which will cover 50% to 75% of a project that will improve your competitiveness in the global economy.   It may sound too good to be true, but it is a real program that has already spent $53M and we are just learning about it. The program is administered by the NYSTAAC (New York State Trade…

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GE PLC Control System Upgrade

Applied Sciences Group, (ASG) recently completed an industrial control system upgrade project for a local manufacturing company. The original equipment manufacturer’s machine was designed as a tandem machine with two identical machines operating from one controller. The control system upgrade utilized a GE RX3i PLC and GE PACMotion 4-Axis Motion Controller. Each machine was equipped with an existing GE iFIX operator interface. By upgrading the control system we replaced an old GE model 90-30 PLC…

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Automation Events In Buffalo

Friends of ASG, If you want to sharpen your knowledge of various topics in Automation here are some key dates you may be interested in: 1/21/16: Automatech (GE) is presenting a Workshop on Virtualization 4/12/16: Annual ISA Niagara Frontier Section Trade Show (Usually at the Buffalo Marriott) 4/19/16: National Instruments will be presenting a hands-on Session here in Buffalo 5/18/16 and 5/19/16: Rexel and Rockwell Automation’s “On-The-Move” tour will be in Buffalo For more details, contact ASG. Thanks, Ben Ben Casto Sales Manager…

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PLC Program Simulation Advantages (From a Control Engineer’s Perspective)

ASG recently completed an industrial control programming project for a local original equipment manufacturer. The control system utilized an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC and a PanelView Plus HMI terminal. The equipment will ultimately be installed and used in the oil refining industry. Due to the nature of the final application, it was not possible to run the system and test under actual conditions prior to shipment. As a matter of fact, the electrical interfaces to the…

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PLC Migration in 24 Hours as Requested

Applied Sciences Group works with a local manufacturing plant that runs 24/7.  A particular plant process was in need of a control system upgrade, but the plant operations personnel were only willing to shut-down production on this equipment for a 24 hour shift, giving ASG’s software engineers a 24 hour installation window. During this 24 hour installation window, ASG successfully performed a PLC-migration.  The manufacturing plant’s process is very critical to production.  ASG was able…

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Water Management and Control Applications

Municipal Engineering is important for the community as it supports many elements to urban life.  The demands on municipal utilities are staggering:  The community expects and demands that water and other utilities be provided every minute of every day, no exceptions.  These systems must be reliable, robust and secure. ASG specializes in Water Management system concept development, design, and project management of your control and instrumentation systems.  Our engineers will help you with system set up, installation…

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ASG Can Help With Software & Automation Programming of Machines & Products

Applied Sciences Group specializes in software development including the development of automation systems for various types of machines. ASG’s experienced engineers are capable of enhancing an existing product development. Many of our client’s projects have started the development process, but are in need of extra resources. Our engineers are capable of fostering software development at any stage; whether it be requirements specification, testing and validation, or maintenance. If you want more out of a machine in your…

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Why should you invest in a robot?

As software engineers, we offer automation solutions for your products or services.  Having tools, like robots, to support your factory automation process can offer a benefit in production and efficiency of your process.  Many wonder if investing in robots is a smart economic decision.  We have gathered some information from ABB Robotics that will help you understand the reasons why production facilities are bringing robots into their factories. Robots are transforming productivity and efficiency by providing…

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Scaling up an R&D Process

One of our engineers recently had the opportunity to team with a client to provide programming for an experimental scaled Research and Development process.  This process confirmed and demonstrated the workings of a new method for the client.  The process had dozens of instruments measuring process parameters, several control valves, and utilized single and cascaded PID control.  The client needed a software solution fast, so a second Applied Sciences Group (ASG) engineer was assigned to…

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