Custom Mobile Software

ASG Mobile Software Development Projects:

  • An industrial gas company requested a mobile app to track their Gas Distribution. Gas Tank tracking is handled from various distribution centers around the country. The app works by allowing their truck drivers collect information when they are loading and unloading.  The gas truck driver uses a Windows mobile app ASG developed with an integrated barcode reader and GPS location service.
  • A headwear manufacture contracted ASG to develop a state-of-the-art mobile application using the Android smart phones platform to quickly identify machine downtime and assign maintenance personnel to high priority repairs.
  • The Department of Veteran Affairs contracted ASG to develop an Android App for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet that will allow VA field agents to securely collect health and quality of life information on homeless veterans. The agents had been using paper forms and had to re-enter the data when they return to their offices. As the project progressed it was decided to expand the development to include the Apple iPad 2.
  • A Dairy supplier contracted ASG to develop an infield auditing system to validate the freshness of their stock turnover via Windows and Android mobile devices.