Analytical Instrument Development


An Analytical Instrument Company asked us to develop a fully integrated product. The Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) is a highly specialized optical technique for determining refractive index changes at surfaces. This surface is typically an interface between a solid support phase and a liquid phase.


Problem Statement

As part of their comprehensive business process for their product line, the client wanted to incorporate the functionalities of their existing auto sampler and the SPR software package, in order to unify what are currently two separate software programs. The sampler did not ship with any command and control software that complements the higher-level functionalities required for the SPR system.


Top Level Approach

ASG developed a C#.NET application to incorporate a suite of Auto sampler higher-level command and control functionalities, with the emphasis on a user-friendly front-end Graphical User Interface (GUI) application component

Design/Requirement Approach:

  • Develop a design document to identify all the relevant low-level methods required by the new application.
  • Write a set of functions to control the Auto sampler from C#.Net
  • Develop a GUI (graphic user interface) Windows application for basic system configuration and injection operation. The client’s Service group will also utilize this application for their operations.
  • Develop verification and test documents. 

ASG Technical Approach

The control software executes two levels of methods, referred to as low-level methods and high-level methods.  ASG investigated, analyzed and deciphered the underlying protocol communication between the software and the Auto sampler using a serial protocol analyzer and collected the communications data for the various client-defined methods.


ASG successfully integrated the auto sampler functionality to their client’s SPR product line, thus enabling the client to promote individual products as a single unit and easier to use product to their customers. The end result is a highly marketable and profitable product for them.