Roadmap to Innovation with AutomationASG would like to be part of your roadmap to the future with Automation. Let us identify your antiquated and obsolete equipment and a path to migrate to the next level.

In addition to working with us, our clients that are small and medium-sized manufacturers (defined as under 500 employees) are eligible to take a state funded (free to you) workshop provided by Buffalo Manufacturing Works.  See the website to sign up for their workshops.

This is part of the Buffalo Billion Phase II money; get your piece of the action.

The program will start with an Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Strategic Planning in these 4 easy steps:

  1. SCORE: Get an Innovation Scorecard that assesses key business risks and capacity for innovation.
  2. LEARN: Join industry and business experts at workshops to learn about the latest technological innovations and how to position your business for growth.
  3. AUDIT: Receive an On-Site Review with specialized engineers to identify opportunities for innovation.
  4. IMPROVE: Implement innovations and improvements with the help and support of Buffalo Manufacturing Works. (and ASG)

If you not looking at Additive Manufacturing or Robotics Technologies, don’t let that stop you from participating all Upstate NY manufacturers are welcome.

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