ASG Controls Systems & Automation Integration

Providing Better Controls and Automation Integration

Control Systems for AutomationWe welcome the opportunity to help you define your project requirements, provide a proposal for achieving your objectives, and put our expertise to work for your automation integration.

PLC-based automation solutions drive productivity, maintain quality control and generate efficiency gains. Applied Sciences Group has over 20 years of system integration knowledge and expertise that are essential to successful factory automation engineering and integration.

  • Machine Control & Operation
  • Recipe Management
  • Data Collection and Reporting
  • Operator Interface (Human Machine Interface: HMI)

Automation IntegrationGiven our extensive worldwide, plant-floor experience with everything from simple loop controllers to full-scale Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), ASG provides automation solutions to improve your operation. Solutions that can be as simple as adding new functionality to an existing line, or as complex as designing a complete turnkey factory automation system for a new facility. ASG’s engineers are an additional resource for your project staff for designing, developing and testing automated manufacturing systems.

Learn more about the Automation Tools that our Engineers use, and the Data Collection and Reporting Software that we are capable of developing for your project.

If you are modifying or replacing a critical production line and need someone to pull it all together, please contact us.  Applied Sciences Group will get it done and done well.


“ASG has done a great job servicing our needs and I know that we will continue our positive relationship as we move forward in growing the facility.”
Welded Tube
“Thanks again for all your support.  Jim was a pleasure to work with and is very competent.  We would welcome him again on any future projects that might come up.”
On-Demand Books
“ASG’s Controls Engineer assigned to our project quickly learned the template, and with minimal guidance was able to complete the software in a timely manner. His role grew from supporting a single cell to debugging and supporting 6 cells.  Although he did not write all of the software that he worked with, he was not afraid to dig into it, understand it, and improve it.   ASG’s Controls Engineer was always courteous to the customer, listened to their needs, made suggestions for improvement, and deferred to me if there was concern about scope creep.  I believe he will be a great asset to ASG now and in the future, and, should the need arise, we would be more than happy to enlist his support again.”
Lead Control Agent
Calvary Automation Systems
“ASG has proven to be a key strategic engineering partner that complements our in house engineering resources. Leveraging ASG’s contract controls engineering services gives us scalable engineering support and an enhanced knowledge and skill base. ASG’s engineers are easy to work with and quickly integrate into our team. We look forward to continuing our relationship with ASG and building on our successes with future projects.”
TMP Technologies Inc.
Applied Sciences Group, Inc.