Analytical Instrument Development
An Analytical Instrument Company asked Applied Sciences Group to develop an analytical software product to be fully integrated into an autosampler. The Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) is a highly specialized optical technique for determining refractive index changes on a surface where a solid phase and a liquid phase interface. 

Cardiac Monitoring System
Applied Sciences Group is under contract to develop a Cardiac Monitoring System (CMS) using a dual balloon esophageal catheter to measure cardiac performance. A medically trained operator inserts the catheter through the nose into the esophagus, and uses an Electronics Unit (EU) attached to the catheter to position and inflate the balloons behind the left atrium and aorta. Pressure, audio and ECG measurements are taken and physiological parameters are derived from them. 

Custom Mobile Software
Applied Sciences Group has extensive mobile application development experience in Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile operating systems.

Custom Software Development
Applied Sciences Group has supported projects requiring knowledge of gravity measuring techniques used in mineral and oil exploration. ASG has been involved in all software aspects of these projects: real-time instrument monitoring, calibration and stabilization software, data communications, data analysis, operator interfaces, data collection and archiving, failsafe operation, low-level interrupt services, and critical timing algorithms. These very extensive projects have involved several staff members with diverse backgrounds, programming requirements that included knowledge of Assembler, Pascal, C, C++ and Visual Basic, and low-level understanding of three different operating systems, numerous processing platforms and peripheral equipment, plus real world experience with instrumentation and industrial environments. 

Freescale Coldfire
Applied Sciences Group was contracted by an electronics manufacturer to develop the board support package (BSP) for a Freescale Coldfire-based single board computer. The embedded Linux solution had to support multiple peripherals as well as a high-speed monitoring application running on top of the Linux operating system.

GI Motility/Smartpill
Applied Sciences Group, Inc. has been under contract to develop the software for an ingestible, wireless capsule that measures pressure, pH and temperature as it traverses the gastrointestinal tract. The information is used to provide gastric emptying time, combined small and large bowel transit time, total transit time, pressure contraction patterns from the antrum and duodenum, and motility indices. This capsule will aid in the diagnosis of Crone’s Disease, gastroparesis and irritable bowel syndrome and other chronic gastrointestinal ailments.

Real-Time Information Portal and Recipe Management System
Applied Sciences Group was contracted by a medical manufacturer that produces slides 
for medical diagnostics. The slides have a proprietary coating placed on a substrate film material. Processes at the facility include formulation (batch processing), coating (continuous web processing), slitting and chopping (packaging). The entire process must comply with 21 CFR Part 11 for any records it chooses to store electronically about products produced at the facility. This traceability is highly regulated. Records were stored electronically on disparate systems provided by the various equipment OEMs however this facility needed to comply with standard FDA regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). 

Anesthesia System
Applied Sciences Group was contracted by Medical Conservation Devices to provide the project management, software design, testing and lead all engineering efforts for development of an Anesthesia System. The Anesthesia System automates the administration of “fresh gas” and anesthetic drugs to patients more efficiently and with less medical staff.

USB Development
Applied Sciences Group has developed a number of USB solutions for several clients. USB drivers are typically developed and configured to run in either device (“gadget”) or host mode. ASG has developed drivers for both modes of USB. 

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