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Applied Sciences Group can develop software for almost any application. With experience ranging from aerospace and medical devices to a simple database to allow salespeople track contacts and everything in between. Most software engineering applications include:

  • User interface
  • Controllers with inputs/outputs
  • Operating systems
  • Development environments

In order to develop great software there needs to be a great user interface. A development team must understand the functions a user will need most and present them intuitively. To further this goal our development team interviews the end users, when available, and constructs systems and software level design and requirements specifications. This will ensure that the end product will meet the user's needs. Our team will then leverage these specifications to direct the project. An option for product development is to use off-the-shelf, readily available solutions that can be customized to the client's needs. If the off-the-shelf is not budget friendly or otherwise prohibitive, we can develop a license-free custom application development solution.

ASG's experienced engineers are capable of enhancing an existing product development. Many of our client's projects have started the development process, but are in need of extra resources. Our engineers are capable of fostering software development at any stage; whether it be requirements specification, testing and validation, or maintenance.  Our engineers are qualified and have experience working with regulatory compliance and life sciences.  Read our blog post "9 Lessons from Effectively Managed Software Projects" to learn more about ASG and how we manage each software development project.  

For more information about our software solutions see our complete list of FAQs.

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