FAQ: Engaging with ASG

Applied Sciences Group focuses on computer engineering at different levels within different industries.  Often we are 'Frequently Asked Questions' in regards to the services that ASG offers.  We have put together a list of FAQs and Whitepapers for each of our capabilities.  Click on each of the topics that you would like to browse.  Continue reading below for general FAQs about engaging with ASG.


How do we get started on a project?

Contact ASG and we’ll determine whether to hold a conference call or face to face meeting in order to further discuss your challenges with the appropriate subject matter experts.


How do we assess project feasibility?

Our project proposals are developed through a series of discussions and reviews with our clients in order to clearly understand your needs and objectives. Our projects can be structured with multiple phases with built-in status updates and reviews at the end of each Phase. We often designate Phase 1 as “Investigation” and then build on those findings to inform future phases and ultimately, bring the project successfully to fruition.  If requirements are well known and documented, then we can proceed with a proposal.


How do you determine the length/scope of the project?

We typically develop a Statement of Work (SOW) for our clients’ initial review. After discussion, we will generate a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) with our proposed scope, estimated pricing and project duration as a check point to make sure we are aligned with our clients’ needs from both a technical and business case perspective. We then convert the ROM into a formal proposal. After acceptance of the proposal and terms, we schedule and initiate the project. The time it takes to complete a job depends on the size and complexity of the project, our current backlog, and the receipt of any required materials.


How does ASG handle confidentiality?

Confidentiality at ASG is of utmost importance, and a crucial component for our long term success. Integrity is one of our core values, and a vital part of our relationship with our members and the hundreds of confidential projects they trust us to perform every year. For additional assurance, we are happy to and routinely execute non-disclosure agreements to enable open discussion with our clients.


What specifications does ASG ask a new client to provide?

  • Input / output list
  • Sequence of operation or workflow
    • Normal operation
    • Startup / shut down procedures
  • Design requirements and/or regulatory compliance requirements

Contact Applied Sciences Group with any additional questions regarding our service offerings.

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