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 Applied Sciences Group

Applied Sciences Group (ASG) develops software solutions for industrial factory automation, machine control (e.g. SCADA), and real-time embedded system applications. We provide design-oriented engineering services (e.g. custom software solutions, user interface design, iPhone apps), technical project management, and custom training solutions. Applied Sciences Group is also an accomplished provider of energy management systems for commercial and industrial facility applications.

Applied Sciences Group maintains a staff of more than 34 degreed engineers to provide expertise across the full spectrum of our engineering disciplines: software engineering, software quality and systems integration. Our employees are well trained and welcome the challenges our Clients bring us to exercise their experience and skills. We also employ proven program management tools and techniques that enable us to keep projects on track, maintain effective communications with our Clients, and minimize the Client's TCO.

Why should you do business with Applied Sciences Group?

  • We are sensitive to the client's budget, design-to-cost guidelines, and the TCO
  • We are client focused (We're here to serve your needs)
  • We are distinguished by our long history of quality work, products, and practices
  • We honor our commitments, and your confidentiality
  • We stay current with industry standards and best practices
  • We use objective project assessment and management techniques that ensure your project will achieve its pre-set objectives on-time, and on-budget

If your company is adding or replacing a critical production line and needs someone to pull it all together, trying to make a machine easier for an operator to use, looking for a piece of code developed for a custom application, interested in upgrading your software quality standards, or is seeking a world-class energy management system, please contact us.  Applied Sciences Group has the solution.


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